24 April 2008

New Flower Kings Official Bootleg coming soon

Info courtesy of Roine Stolt:


That's right,spring is here and to celebrate spring 08 we offer solutions for a new better life. We suspect that you might be interested to know that THE FLOWER KINGS will release a brand new LIVE CD in the official bootleg series. The records are in from the pressing plant,steaming hot this week.

The name of the CD is CARPE DIEM - Live in USA 2006. It's a 32 channel multitrack recording, 24 bit digital from our show in Whittier California on oct 16th 2006 and a damn good sounding recording I might add. (Kudos to Vince Daukas of Tunecrafters)

We will offer it from our website shortly at www.flowerkings.se
( orders : merchandise@flowerkings.se )
we're just about to set up so that you can use PayPal.

Foxtrot Records will release :
The Flower Kings CARPE DIEM - "Official Bootleg" Live in USA 2006

1.Paradox Hotel 7:40
2.Psycedelic Postcard 10:45
3.Hudson Rivers Sirens Call 5:55
4.FishSoup (drum &bass-solo) 7:12
5.Pioneers Of Aviation 4:01
6.Just This Once 13:40
7.World Of Adventures 8:50
8.A Vampires View 9:53 (Quebec City Bonus track)

Roine Stolt: Guitars & Voice
Hasse Froberg: Guitars & Voice
Tomas Bodin: Keyboards
Jonas Reingold: Bass & Voice
Marcus Liliequist: Drums

Petrus Königsson : PA-sound

A vivid and rocking live testimony from Whittier California October 16th 2006,showing Flowerkings at it's best with a somewhat odd setlist plus plenty of jamming. Sound quality is excellent due to a 32 channel multitrack 24 bit recording,lots of thundering low end moog bass pedal.

As if this wasn't enough we will shortly announce some more USA live dates in end of August, so save your precious gold to get a TFK ticket for one of the shows.

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firefly said...

I saw that tour, in Pittsburgh at some bar before the big city, outside the city in a little town.
It wasn't a bad show, most of the same songs listed here but more of 'Paradox Hotel' stuff.
I met Marcus the drummer - cool dude! Thomas had his new "toys" too, that night, moogs.
It was loud. Some lady knocked over her chair and Roine said, "what was that?" Marcus told me he was also in another band doing mostly Zeppelin. Wonder if that led him to ultimately leave TFK? Then Zoltan came back for a while for the new albums, a re-release and "The Sum of no Evil." Originally titled "love." Not sure if Zoltan is the drummer on that one or not, I only have a burned CD of it. But it's Great!