21 April 2008

Ozrics and King Crimson news-y bits

Ozric Tentacles:

Upcoming gigs 2008:

24th May – The Sugar Complex, Kent, UK
6th June – Wakarusa Festival, Lawrence, Kansas, USA
7th June – Wakarusa Festival, Lawrence, Kansas, USA
14th June – Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO, USA
12th July – Ilosaarirock, Joensuu, Finland
12th July – Moon Festival, Wiltshire, UK

Ozrics Live at Sunrise Celebration DVD will be released on the 26th May - for a sneak preview - http://www.snappermusic.com/ms/ozrictentacles

King Crimson:

Fresh from the recent rehearsals in Nashville, Gavin and Pat give it some boom, bash and bish. Based upon B’Boom, which in turn was based upon an exercise written by Gavin in his 1998 book, Rhythmic Illusions, the new Crim rhythm section gives an early indication of how formidable they might well be.

(official download behind the link!)


firefly said...

Upon searching some more for Crimson news on Google I was taken to a site called DGM Live where this post was taken, but; I didn't see much more if there was a new CD or not. I saw two drummers and a download, but nothing on a new CD!
I've seen the King one time on Discipline, and they sure had some discipline in their sound, Robert was sitting most of the time. Tony had the stick, and Bill, well, just hear him people, he's got the rhythmn down pat!

firefly said...

A small segway ... King Crimson brings me to mind of another classic prog band who is currently- soon touring: Return to Forever!
Anyone heard of a KC tour?

Bill K. said...

One of my favourite features in Blogger is the tagging system. I use it a lot for myself to check back to see if I've posted a certain bit, or in cases like this to see if I'd posted the KC tour dates already.

They're posted here:


firefly said...

Nothing there. That's ok, I cannot afford the price of concerts these days, especially The Eagles: a thousand bucks for decent seats, come on, puleeeze!
Thanks anyway, Bill; re: KC tickets and shows ...

Bill K. said...

I just followed the link and it worked fine. But here are the dates for you:

Wednesday 6th August, Park West, Chicago
Thursday 7th August, Park West, Chicago
Friday 8th August Park West, Chicago
Monday 11th August, Keswick Theater, Philadelphia
Tuesday 12th August, Keswick Theater, Philadelphia
Thursday 14th August, Nokia Theater, New York
Friday 15th August, Nokia Theater, New York
Saturday 16th August, Nokia Theater, New York