15 May 2008

Spock's Beard live release info

The long-awaited Spock's Beard live DVD and 2 CD set are now available for pre-order...

Release dates are Germany, Austria & Switzerland on June 13, the remainder of Europe on June 16 and North America on June 24, 2008.

Recorded live in Holland in 2007, it Includes:

On A Perfect Day

Mouth of Madness

Crack the Big Sky

The Slow Crash Landing Man

Return to Whatever

Surfing Down the Avalanche

Thoughts (Part 2)

Drum solo

Skeletons At The Feast

Walking On The Wind

Hereafter (Ryo solo)

As Far As The Mind Can See (Dreaming In The Age Of Answers, Here's A Man,They Know We Know, Stream Of Unconsciousness) Rearranged

The Water / Go The Way You Go medley.

The DVD and CD set contain the same songs. Check out the trailer:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Appears they are faring well in the absense of Neil Morse... Once you get a following...