14 May 2008

It's way early, but here are a few albums that have either come out or which are anticipated to come out this year, which have blown me away already, or for which I have great anticipation. As such, this is as much a potential teaser/spoiler for albums which may make my year end top 10 list. I'll look back at these at the end of the year and see how many made it.

Anyway, the list...

Matthew Parmenter - Horror Express
Opeth - Watershed
Beardfish - Sleeping in Traffic: Part Two
The Tangent - Not as Good as the Book
Van der Graaf Generator - Trisector
echolyn - title TBA (poss 2008 release, may be a 2009 release)
Pallas - Moment to Moment
nine inch nails - The Slip
The Red Masque - Fossil Eyes
Frogg Cafe - title TBA (poss 2008 release)
Jade Warrior - Now (poss 2008 release)
Magma - Emehnteht-Re (poss 2008 release)
Guapo - Elixirs


Mark said...

I was at first surprised to see the absence of "Tour of a Blank Planet", but then remembered that "old school" PTree is more your cuppa Joe. ;-)

Bill K. said...


...and I forgot it was coming out ;-)