03 May 2008

In my listening pile...

This is what I am listening to this weekend:

Matthew Parmenter - Horror Express. I've 'known' Matthew since the last 1990's, when I randomly picked discipline as a band I wanted to check out. Since then., we've corresponded back and forth some, I've started running his Yahoogroup discussion group, and introduced him when he played his solo spotlight set at NEARfest 2005. Horror Express is his new solo album, and as of right now, on first listen...this will make my year-end top 10 list.

And I'm thanked in the credits, too :-)

Asia - Phoenix. Pulled from my review pile. No thoughts yet. Haven't listened once yet.

Rod DeGeorge - Cosmic Playground. Also from my to be reviewed pile. Looking it over, looks like a guitar based instrumental album. Song titles do seem to evoke the possibility of stylistic diversity. And he plays Mozart's "Rondo Alla Turca" (possibly the Brubeck arrangement?) so that might be interesting.

No Machine - A Terrible Thing. A last selection from the review pile. The cover looks...interesting. Songs are shorter. No idea what it sounds like or what I am getting into. Explorative listening with no preconceived thoughts...

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