02 May 2008

TFK update

From their official MySpace:

Just a quick hello to tell We're alive.

In fact we're alive to the point where we decided to rehearse a bit and to rehearse with two new members of the TFK tribe, 2 ? , yes that's correct.........most of you are already familiar with Erik Hammarstöm who will play drums for TFK but we've decided to bring in yet one more handyman.

Ola Heden will sing, play keyboards, guitar, percussion (dance)......well to augment where our little hands and heads are too busy......or used to be.

We've been working on getting the songs from last album into shape and lift them to a more detailed level even live. I left the rehearsal with a big smile........you'll figure out the rest.


go get CARPE DIEM - Live in USA when released (check your dealers)

also hurry to get tickets to our upcoming shows.

(yes we hope for a few more USA shows last week of August , but no west coast gigs this time, sorry.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"The Sum of No Evil" TFK's new CD is really good. I'm pretty sure the drummer on that one is Zolton.
If I go see them in Pittsburgh again this August, it will mark my fourth time seeing the lads!