10 July 2010

The State of the Blog, 10 July 2010

You know something? We really have to stop meeting like this.

It’s Saturday. This means I shouldn’t be posting. But I am. This means that we’re once again getting a State of the Blog post. Again, twas never my intent to be posting on the weekend, but things need to be aired and as usual Saturdays seem the best way to do it.

There are a lot of good things planned for this coming week, many of which I already have ready for you, constant reader. We’ve got our Magma Monday feature, there will be an interview with added goodies posted (if you’re good and read the whole thing), and the usual batch of reviews and opinion pieces, including a look at the Dream Theater/Iron Maiden show on Sunday. Certainly newsy bits will be tossed on here and there as I come across them. Quite frankly, 2 weeks or so into things and I’m getting into a comfortable groove with the new posting schedule...there’s no sense of being overwhelmed, or need to go trawling for info. That makes me a happy blogger and it means, hopefully, that comfort and happiness comes across in what is on the screen for you.

I’m planning some behind the scenes stuff that you won’t necessarily see but which will hopefully make the blog/site a bit more enjoyable. There may be some growing pains, and it’s not going to happen all at once...just little roll outs here and there. As things come up, I’ll mention them, likely in a Saturday type post...you know, the kind I am trying desperately not to make.

My main reason for this brief post is to ask the following question:

Once upon a time, I wrote a ton of reviews for another site. For one reason or another, those reviews are no longer available. While some of the earliest reviews are, quite frankly, the kind of merde I’d not even find suitable for fertiliser, there are some good ones in there, albeit for older releases. I realise that not everyone has everything (I don’t even have everything), and so I wonder...would there be any interest in the occasional (or more than occasional) so-called ‘retro-review’ of some of these albums and DVDs? They’d supplement the new content, not replace it, and be tagged/titled as such.

So, what say you, constant reader? Interested? Comment here and let me know.

OK. Anyway, it’s Saturday, I’m at work, I’m going to post this and get through the day so I can have a relaxing evening and get ready for the Dream Theater/Iron Maiden concert Sunday that I mentioned above. As I am writing this a day or so before posting I still don’t know for sure, but there’s a chance I may get a photo pass for the show. Here’s hoping.

Yr. Obd’t Blogger signing off...see you all on Magma Monday.


Anonymous said...

Instead of retro reviews, I'd prefer to know if you have heard any insights into the works of the new Yes album, supposedly with Oliver Wakeman and Benoit David?
I just saw Yes finally (the new lineup), with Frampton in Blue Ash Cincinatti, and they still rock!
Unless you could find a retro review of Gentle Giant or Marillion would be ok, too! Or, come to think of it; how much do most rock stars make a year, that would be interesting! (e.g. TFK, Oliver Wakeman and Benoit David?)

Bill K. said...

1) No insights on the new 'Yes' album.

2) Frankly, the money issue is one I have no interest in broaching. The honest answer is this: most people in music make far less than you'd imagine, and it's only the top fraction of a per cent that make multi-millions. Most prog musicians are not prog musicians by trade, and a goodly number of them have day jobs (or multiple day jobs) in order to allow them to do what they do.

Brian Z. said...

Having read a number of those later reviews (the ones "sans merde", if you will), I think they definitely deserve an online home and where better than here? One vote in favor of the retro reviews.

Martine said...

Another vote for the retro reviews.