07 July 2010

A few brief news bits

CalProg 2010 ticket reminder



District 97


Date: October 2

Place: Center Theater in Whittier, Ca.

Tickets go on sale at http://www.calprog.com on Saturday July 10 @ 7am.

MARS HOLLOW Performs At ProgDay 2010!

MARS HOLLOW is a prog band from Southern California that's created quite a stir with their debut CD "Mars Hollow," released by 10T Records earlier this year. Listeners and critics alike have lauded it as one of the best symphonic albums of the year. Beginning with a foundation of early bands like ELP, Yes and Genesis, MARS HOLLOW mixes it up with later bands like Spock's Beard, and then finishes with a fresh contemporary twist to create melodic hook-driven progressive rock delivered with a flourish of expert musicianship. With just the right balance of old and new, this is a show that fans of symphonic rock won't want to miss!

MARS HOLLOW is joined by The Muffins, Half Past Four and Mahogany Frog at ProgDay 2010. ProgDay is the longest running progressive rock festival in the world. The 16th edition will take place on Saturday, September 4, and Sunday, September 5, at Storybook Farm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. For more information, and to hear music from this year's bands, please visit us at
www.progday.net. Four more bands to be announced soon!


THE GALACTIC COLLECTIVE is a fresh and innovative approach to the best of Erik Norlander's vast instrumental catalog written for ROCKET SCIENTISTS, LANA LANE and his own solo albums over the years. The versatile keyboardist recorded his new CD with an astounding new band of stellar musicians from the Akron, Ohio area in collaboration with Executive Producer Dena Henry: guitarist Freddy DeMarco, bassist Mark Matthews and drummer Nick LePar takes Norlander's music to new heights of drama and intrigue as they weave through the most subtle atmospheric art rock soundscapes to maximum martial progressive metal fireworks.

Look for this wonderful band to be featured at RoSfest on Saturday May 21st as our third band playing the 5 pm to 7 pm slot.

Erik Norlander site - http://www.eriknorlander.com
The Galactic Collective - http://www.thetank.com/entgc.htm
Look for a complete bio at the RoSfest website - http://rosfest.com/Performers-2011/Galactic_Collective.htm

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