26 July 2010

Freakshow Artrock Festival 2010 - Part II announced

(NB: This is from the promoter’s press release.)

Although we have already had our festival back in march starring quite a bunch of great newcomers to the scene (Accordo Dei Contrari, Phlox, Beardfish, Neom, Camembert, Jerseyband), we decided to do a second part of it in autumn, due to the fact, that our dearest friends Of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum will be back again in Europe for quite one week, guesting at the prestigious RIOfestival in Carmaux in the south of France and once again in Würzburg.

And because there are some people around here that are dedicated followers of the French cult band Magma, we thought about arranging a double feature starring one cult band that draws its fame from the past up to the present, and one cult band that seems to be firmly rooted in the present with a nod here and there to some of the greats of the past of advanced rock music!

So when we were about to arrange things for this double feature, another of our favourites jumped in, announcing the release of their 4th record in autumn and wanting to do a show with their newly recruited drummer (they did not have one before) in Würzburg in the wake of aforementioned RIOfestival, where he (the drummer) will certainly be present as representative of his own record company. We are talking about Dave Kerman (drummer of present and thinking plague), who is guesting on the soon to be released ALTROCK label effort by Belgium chamber rock ensemble Aranis.

So now we are very proud to announce the Freakshow Artrock Festival 2010 - Part II as a one-day festival on the 25th of September.

Galerie 03 / Freakshow Present Freakshow Artrock Festival 2010 - Part II

"Rock Music For Advanced Listeners"
25.September 2010
Posthalle, Bahnhofsplatz 2, 97070 Würzburg (http://www.posthalle.de/)
All tickets will qualify for a seat!
Doors Open: 12:00
Start Of Concerts: 13:00

Aranis (featuring Dave Kerman on drums): www.myspace.com/aranis
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum www.myspace.com/sleepytimegorillamuseum
Magma www.myspace.com/magmaofficial

For more info, including ticket purchase information:


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