17 February 2009

ROSFest post 2: The Syn as newly signed special guests

In light of APOCALYPSE having to bow out of the festival, we are pleased to announce THE SYN playing the second spot on Friday night. Progressive rock band The Syn will show off a new lineup and a new vision with their latest CD Big Sky and an extensive North American tour

Formed in 1965, The Syn was a precursor of the band Yes, with that band’s bassist Chris Squire as one of the founding members. At various times The Syn has also included Yes alums Peter Banks and Alan White in their lineup. Now The Syn continues forward with a core lineup of Steve Nardelli (founding member, songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist), Francis Dunnery (of It Bites and Robert Plant fame – guitars and vocals) and Tom Brislin (Spiraling – also keyboardist on Yes’ Symphonic tour – keyboards and vocals). The lineup is augmented for the tour by Paul Ramsey (Echolyn) providing drums and other percussion, Brett Kull (also of Echolyn) on guitar and Dorie Jackson doing backing and harmony vocals.

The SYN website - http://www.synmusic.net/
Visit the Syn Myspace site for music samples:

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