28 February 2009

Gouveia Art Rock 2009 announces Daevid Allen/University of Errors

The Australian Daevid Allen is one of the most important names in international progressive music. In addition to having founded legendary bands like Soft Machine in the UK and Gong in France, Allen has constantly reinvented himself in the course of a solo career spanning more than four decades, eventually making himself into a living legend.

Among Allen's numerous collaborations, one from the late 90s stands out especially and has produced particularly excellent results: University of Errors, founded in the US by the almost "retired" Professor Allen together with three musicians from San Francisco. Since its very beginning, the project has featured a good amount of the experimentalism and recklessness that are so characteristic for Allen, and their music goes far beyond the limits of what a rock quartet with guitars, bass and drums would normally produce.

At their Gouveia show, Sunday May 3rd, the band will not only perform their own material, but also revisit songs from Soft Machine's 'pop' era and Gong's 'allien' phase.

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