26 February 2009

Amon Duul II/Hawklords show announced

Amon Duul II are confirmed to join Quintessence, Tracy Curtis and headliners The Hawklords at The Roundhouse all-day 'implosion' on March 8th.

www.hawklords.com is also now live!

Featuring the Hawklords performing The Space Ritual '09 show, this will be an amazing event inspired by Barney's creative art, design, cosmology and the stage presentation of his and Robert Calvert's original Space Ritual 1973 space-rock-opera show, with a hefty nod to his concept for the Hawklords 25 Years On production of 1978.

Hawklords features:
Harvey Bainbridge, keyboards & vocals
Alan Davey, bass & vocals
Martin Griffin, drums
Terry Ollis, drums
Jerry Richards, guitar & vocals
Ade Shaw, bass
Steve Swindells, keys & vocals
Ron Tree, vocals
Nik Turner, sax, flute & vocals

The band's specials guests will include Bridget Wishart and more to be confirmed.

Evocative, other-worldly gyrations by the gorgeous New Bubblettes troupe, choreographed by Angel Flame.

Inspiring, transporting/transmogrifying/transmorfing lighting by the ever-amazing Liquid Len And The Lensmen.

'Mothership control' by Andy Dunkley (the original FM On The Road).

The event will run from 3.00pm - 11.00 pm, and will feature performers and performance all day, including Robert Calvert's play 'The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice' (for which Barney designed the stage set), performed by the Pentameters Theatre Group.

Mutoid Waste Co's weird and wonderful sculptures and happenings will be very much in evidence.

Support bands and solo performers set to perform include Quintessence, Tracey Curtis, and others to be confirmed.

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