17 February 2009

ROSFest post 1: Apocalypse cancel show/tour

In a official statement, the premier Brazilian progressive rock band APOCALYPSE announces the cancellation of its new North-American tour that would happen in April/May 2009, including the show at Rites Of Spring Festival (RoSfest) in PA.

"With so much sorrow we announce the cancellation our show at RoSfest 2009 and the entire leg of our new North-American tour. The reason for that is exclusively due the financial world crisis that is affecting all sectors of the global society, and that made the band's trip to the US impossible at this moment. Due the dollar elevation, the flight tickets had a big increase in price in relation to the last year when the band signed the contract with the concert's promoters and planned the entire budget. The process to get the visas approval was also a determinant factor. APOCALYPSE and the festival's organizer George Roldan got to this decision amicably. Both sides will be in touch in order to get APOCALYPSE playing at RoSfest 2010. APOCALYPSE says sorry to all its American fans and promises to return for new shows soon."

Eloy, Gustavo, Ruy, Chico e Magoo - Feb/2009

APOCALYPSE will now concentrate forces on its national tour in promotion of its new album "The Bridge Of Light" released last year by Free Mind Records in Brazil and Musea Records in Europe and Asia.

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