12 February 2009

(mic tap)

(tap tap)

Hey, is this thing on?

Hi it's me, I'm back...this is the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER.

No wait...that's not right.

Seriously now...hi. Feeling tired, feeling drained, still not 100% up to speed, but I need to start getting some things back to normal and back under my control. I'm starting here, because it's something small yet totally mine.

I've gotten a lot of music in over the past several weeks that merits discussion and attention here...new albums, new DVDs. Concerts. And so on. Slowly...ever so slowly...I'll be getting stuff back up here. I'll also be re-publishing reviews that are apparently no longer available online for one reason or another. Yes, these will be older releases, but the info is still worthwhile and perhaps of interest.

In any event, just a quick hello to the readers still out there. Thank you for indulging me. I may not be fully out of this lost weekend, but I think I see the door...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back; must be the economy hurting us all inside, it's certainly taken a toll on me...
I recently saw where Yes cancelled the rest of this month's tour for medical reasons, but haven't gone to their site as of yet for details - have you seen any?