19 February 2009

King's X to headline 3RP 2009

(from the official press release)

The King's will be "holding their court" in Pittsburgh as the Sunday Night Headliner for 3RP 2009. August 9,2009.

The King's of this court are:
Doug (dUg) Pinnick - BASS/ BACKING VOCALS

Their magic together has created 15 Albums/CD's, plus many solo projects, and to many to name contributions to many other peoples music,(All since 1988).

They started out together back in 1980 as the group " The Edge". Later in 1983 they became known as the "Sneak Preview". But in 1985 the band move to Houston, Texas. There, they hooked up with Sam Taylor who was the vise president of ZZ TOP's production company. Sam encourage them to change there bands name to King's X, and the name has been with them ever since.

The bands big breakthrough seemed to be coming when they released their 3rd album "Faith, Hope, Love" in 1990. The album was having relatively good success commercially, and they were able to land a great opportunity in 1991 as the opening act on many dates of the AC/DC - USA, and European Tours sold out shows. This helped to get them more visibility , and helped their album to do pretty well.

But, they eventually experienced trouble with Sam Taylor, and parted ways. The next album was not as successful and was not noticed to much except for there close knit fan base.
But in 1994 they were rejuvenated as Brendan O'Brien produced the 1994 release of "Dogman" This album did pretty well on the music charts. The success of this album got them the opportunity to be the opening act for "Pearl Jam" , on their tour. They also gave an amazing performance at "Woodstock 94' Festival"

At one point King's X was ranked #83 on VH1's "100 GREATEST ARTISTS OF HARD ROCK".

KING's X crosses many great aspects of the music genre. From Progressive Metal, Grunge, Funk, Soul, to Melodic Beatlesque Harmonies, Powerful Riffs and time signature changes, KING's X will be keeping your blood pumping at 3RP.


Anonymous said...

Saw these guys in Dayton, OH, soon after their 3rd album in a club, and they were fabulous!

Lori said...


Remember Joey Langford? I'm his fiance and he talks about you all the time. He loves, loves, loves your music.


Anonymous said...

Correction: Dug Pinnick is lead vocals on the majority of King's X songs.