03 March 2008

New US/NA Prog Festival

3 Rivers Progressive Rock Festival

"You are in store for a unique concert festival experience.

10 bands, 2 days - August 23 - 24, 2008
Large variety of outstanding musical performers
Bands from many areas of the USA and around the world.
Intimate setting, state of the art sound and lighting facility.
Food, drinks, and additional activities between bands outside in the 3RP BIG TENT.
Music vendors and record labels from all around the country.

More information to follow... stay tuned."


Adam said...

Hmm. I wonder who's behind this. I used to promote prog shows in Pittsburgh back in the day, y'know.

Bill K. said...

I do believe you mentioned that to me once, but I don't think I ever much followed up on getting info and stories from you.

A lot of people seem to think it's Jim Pitulski and Eric Snyder from IOMA, but I'm hearing more that Bob Snyder, who used to be involved with IOMA, is one of the forces behind this...no, wait...not necessarily. This is from Chad @ NEARfest:

"Bob Snyder, formerly of IOMA, is involved, but I believe not from an organization standpoint."

So I dunno, really.

Adam said...

Yeah, I owe you stories from that.

Jim and Eric I heard were leaving town I thought, with IOMA shutting down, seems unlikely that they'd be involved.

And I know Bob, if he's the guy who I'm thinking of.

Bill K. said...

I don't know if they're leaving town, or just shifting away from IOMA.

Adam said...

Thought I heard they were going to New York and getting involved with some new label? Umbrello I think.

Bill K. said...

Yeah, they are involved with that. I was not sure if that meant a move out of the area. I mean, their involvement with InsideOut didn't mean they moved to Germany ;-)

But you may well be right...probably are.

Adam said...

Jim's been threatening a move back to New York about once a year since I've known him. He's from Pittsburgh originally, but that's where he was based while managing Dream Theater before that went south. I think he misses the excitement.

Bill K. said...

Makes a lot of sense.