12 March 2008

King Crimson returns to active duty

Posted by Sid Smith at DGM Live!:

Get along to your nearest travel agent quick as you like - King Crimson have confirmed the following dates marking their return to active service later this year.

Wednesday 6th August, Park West, Chicago
Thursday 7th August, Park West, Chicago
Friday 8th August Park West, Chicago
Monday 11th August, Keswick Theater, Philadelphia
Tuesday 12th August, Keswick Theater, Philadelphia
Thursday 14th August, Nokia Theater, New York
Friday 15th August, Nokia Theater, New York
Saturday 16th August, Nokia Theater, New York

We don't have details about tickets etc yet but check with the venues directly.

See you there?

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firefly said...

Got it this time, I must've did something wrong - it took me to your blog entry, wow! Thanks.