19 March 2008

Holding Pattern: first band signed for Progday 2008

Driven by the guitar virtuosity of TONY SPADA, HOLDING PATTERN's powerful and energetic prog-fusion first hit the scene in 1981. Their music recalled the best of the instrumental prog and fusion bands of the 1970s and they built a loyal following of prog rock fans around the world during the 1980s. The band split in 1992, but Tony Spada continued to play and record as a solo artist, sharing the stage with many progressive rock icons and headlining his own shows. Interest in Tony's solo career spurred HOLDING PATTERN to reform in 2005. Join HOLDING PATTERN as they burn up the ProgDay stage with old favorites and tunes from their new reunion album, "Breaking The Silence."

"...this is a mature and highly original work by seasoned musicians at the height of their creative powers, and Tony's guitar work...is second to none. If you enjoy instrumental progressive rock with beautiful melodies and inventive solos, then this is certainly for you!" - ZNR

"This is a refreshing instrumental amalgam of sounds that at times evokes HAPPY THE MAN, THE DREGS, and GENESIS - often within the same song! Highly recommended. " - Ken Golden, The Laser’s Edge

ProgDay 2008 is the 14th edition of the world's longest running progressive rock festival. Performances will take place on Labor Day weekend, Saturday, August 30, and Sunday, August 31. For more information please visit our website at www.progday.com.

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