31 March 2008

Magma: debut concert of new lineup

A report from someone in attendance at the show:

Grenoble (France), MC2
Grenoble Jazz Festival
26 March 2008

The début concert by the new Magma line-up, with latest recruits Hervé Aknin on vocals and Bruno Ruder on keyboards. The former isn't featured prominently, so we'll have to wait until the band return to a more "traditional" repertoire to judget his merits; Bruno Ruder, obviously, is more to the forefront, and his contributions (for instance the Rhodes solo on "Hhaï") have a more distinctly "jazz" flavour. Like the previous concert in February at Paris' Cité de la Musique, the second set consisted of jazzier material. It's interesting as it does feature the whole band, but ultimately I find it sounds more like Offering than Magma, and is less original and fulfilling at Vander's classic epics. It was probably easier to "learn" for Ruder in the few short weeks he had at his disposal, so it's probably just as well, practically speaking.

1. Emehnteht-Rê (incl. Rindôh, Hhaï & Zombies) (C.Vander) (55:31)
2. Lonnie's Lament (J.Coltrane, arr. B.Alziary) (14:45)

3. For Tomorrow (McCoy Tyner) (12:38)

4. Day After Day (C.Vander) (14:56)


5. "La Ballade" (C.Vander) (10:49)

Christian Vander - drums, lead vocals on "Hhaï" & "La Ballade"

Stella Vander, Isabelle Feuillebois & Hervé Aknin - vocals

James MacGaw - guitar

Bruno Ruder - Fender Rhodes & synthesizer

Philippe Bussonnet - bass

Benoît Alziary - vibraphone & Fender Rhodes

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firefly said...

This post made me think of the Magna Carta label, and some others whom have good jams on them are Octave and Windom Hill, just some thoughts- most are Newage stuff however.
Afterall, Rush had their own label on their first album to get some exposure: Moon Records!_!
PS. Anyone out there like The Bears, a band Adrian Belew plays in sometimes?