14 March 2008

FISH: unofficial tour dates filtering in

Please note:

As mentioned, these are not officially announced dates. As always, the best information will be found on Fish's official website, The Company. However, the following dates have been bandied about/announced by the venues involved. All this is subject to change, and until such time as it is officially announced on Fish's website, should be taken with several grains of salt...preferably around a margarita glass...

2008 North American Tour (dates unofficial/TBC):
June 10 - Hollywood
June 14 - Milwaukee
June 15 - Chicago
June 20 - NearFest
June 25 - Boston

Fish's band for the 2008 tour is scheduled to be as follows:

Fish, lead vocals

Frank Usher, guitar

Chris Johnson, guitar

Steve Vantsis, bass guitar

Foss Paterson, keyboards

Gavin John Griffiths, drums and percussion

He is touring behind his newest release 13th Star, of which has been said:

Fish out of Marillion has finally made an album to eclipse the British rock stalwart's finer moments and easily the best of his solo career. 13th Star has the quality to be this year's less than guilty pleasure. Marvellous.

Colin Somerville, Scotland on Sunday, 10th Feb 2008

...a meditation on loss, the emotional resonance of songs such as 'Arc Of The Curve' making this his strongest work since his late '80s Marillion swansong Clutching At Straws.
Q magazine, April 2008 issue (Paul Elliott)

The record contains some of the musical highlights of 2007 - from the opening refrains of 'Circle Line' through the heavy riffage of 'Manchmal' all the way to the closing beauty of the title track.

Planet Rock, Feb 2008


Kevin said...

Official dates now


Bill K. said...

Thank you!

Partha said...

just had a halleleujah moment, seeing Milwaukee on that list, what with every other event (yes, zappa plays zappa, as listed on the blog right now, progressive nation, rch enemy, etc) seemingly having it out for us cheeseheads.

And look, Ma, it's even on a Saturday!

All hail stone bald 6'6" scotsmen!

Bill K. said...

Looks like a decent set of tour dates (the official list posted above this unofficial one). Considering that in 2000 he only did...3 dates? 4?...this is a decently expansive tour indeed.