18 March 2008

Flower Kings: Roine announced new permanent drummer

From The Flower Kings Official website:

OK flowerheads, I suppose it is about time to let you in on what is cooking in the FLOWERKINGS camp......we most certainly have a new drummer in the band, his name is Erik Hammarstöm, he is from Stockholm, he is 32 years old and have played drums for 25 years.

He is a terrific drummer (needless to say), we were all in awe after his "audition"so all fans will be VERY pleased, he is a bit of every drummer we've had, all the best bits. (yeah that's right, Dr. Frankenstien put him together of our drummer leftovers!)

(Please don't ask us why we change drummers like others change underware.....
it's just the way it is, I guess that's what it takes to live up to being the Spinal Tap of prog !!)

However Erik Hammarström is great and hopefully he will be around for quite some time ( but one never knows, before you know it he'll combust, or levitate .....or just teleport to Mars, I'm afraid that's the price you've gotta pay to be in this band.

And yes, did I tell you he can drum?

The fact that the first track on the "demo" he sent me was Frank Zappa's "Black Page" tells a bit about his calibre.....!!!

As it is now Erik's first gig will be at the Loreley festival in Germany on July 19th.

We'll be doing some more shows, can't tell eggsagtly where (Happy Easter btw.) but check this space for updates.

Anyone eager to hear more of "The Sum Of No Evil" live ???

Then later this year we'll be recording a new TFK CD with Erik......now THAT will be a thrill!!!



Anonymous said...

Wow, was that really you on the blog, Roine?
I've seen you guys lots of times, in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. Hard Rock Cafe and some Cinci brewery bar- love your music.
This is Gary by the way if I don't sign in on Blogger.

Bill K. said...

not Roine :-) I'm just a fan of the music and trying to aggregate news and updates and opinions (the opinions are mine, the news is everyone else's). I just prefer people to tell things in their own words, and that was Roine's posting about his FK updates on their website.

Anonymous said...

Gary here; i have actually gotten the chance to speak to most of the F/K members, and they are just a bunch of cool dudes who "play music all day long," Jonas told me this ...

Bill K. said...

Agreed. Of the whole group, I've had the best conversations with Tomas and Jonas.