25 June 2010

The last NEARfest 2010 post: the haul...

Obligatory swag:
NF t-shirt

NF program

NF pint glass

Not so obligatory swag:
Frogg Cafe t-shirt (came with the CD below)


Frogg Cafe - Bateless Edge

The Enid - Journey's End

The Enid - Arise and Shine

King Crimson - Lizard 40th Anniversary Edition

Cabezas De Cera - CDC Live USA CD/DVD

Strawbs - Dancing to the Devil's Beat

Strawbs - The Broken-Hearted Bride

Strawbs - Live at NEARfest 2004

Deluge Grander - The Form of the Good

RPWL: The Gentle Art of Music
Birds and Buildings - Bantam to Behemoth

Renaissance - In the Land of the Rising Sun: Live in Japan 2001

The Tangent - Going off on One 2CD/DVD Limited Edition

IQ: Stage: Dark Matter Live in America and Germany 2005 DVD

The Enid: Something Wicked This Way Comes: Live at Claret Hall Farm and Stonehenge 1984 DVD


Cliff Pearson said...

If you look at the credits for 'Going Off On One', you'll see a familiar name... B->

Bill K. said...

I did in fact notice :)

Anonymous said...

How is the new Enid disc? I have been spinning Six Pieces non-stop, and consider it to be their best. I'll hold off on the first two until all of the litigation is resolved. I can't wait for the Birmingham DVD to be released!

Bill K. said...

You'll find out what I think about the new Enid album possibly later this week...