24 August 2009

Taylor's Universe news

Highly acclaimed Danish prog act Taylor's Universe have spent most of this year in the studios, recording what will become the band's 10th album. The title of the album is Artificial Joy, and according to the band's leader/composer Robin Taylor, this release will contain some of his most inspired music heard in several years. Newcomers among the players are guitar ace Finn Olafsson (from legendary 60s/70s group Ache) as well as saxophone wizard Jakob Mygind.

Line-up for Artificial Joy:

Jakob Mygind saxophones

Carsten Sindvald clarinet/saxophone

Finn Olafsson electric guitar

Michael Denner electric guitar

Robin Taylor vintage keyboards, electric guitar, percussion

Flemming Muus Tranberg fretless bass

Klaus Thrane drums


Louise Nipper voice

Time of release: Later this fall (if nothing goes wrong).

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firefly said...

Seems as though you write many and/or most reviews here on foreign bands; Is there a reason for this?
Are most prog bands foreign? I've seen some of your lists on this blog, most of them are not from America, at least the die hard prog bands anyway.
Will you be doing a post on Agents of Mercy / Karmakanic who are coming to Detroit on one ticket, October 13 at City Theater?