13 December 2008

James LaBrie new album update

(thanks to DT/Rush fan on mikeportnoy.com for bringing this to my attention)

Here is an update from Marco Sfogli.


“The main difference between Elements Of Persuasion and the new LaBrie record is that I only wrote the solos on the last one. Everything else was more or less pre-written for Elements Of Persuasion, including the guitar riffs. Now I have more freedom when it comes to the actual songs. I’ve written a lot of songs together with Matt Guillory (keyboards). I give him input with the guitars and he’s a master at arranging the songs. The new record will feature me as a writer as well."

“I think it will be heavier, less progressive, and have more hooks," Sfogli continues. "The new songs aren’t as technical as the ones on Elements Of Persuaision. That album was a very good experiment, like a transition point between the Mullmuzzler records and this new, more modern path. Now I think we, and especially Matt, have gotten to the point where we can write beautiful metal songs in the best sense of the word.”

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