14 July 2008

Stanley Whitaker (Happy the Man/Oblivion Sun) news

People reading this blog who also frequent Progressive Ears may well already know this, but guitarist Stanley Whitaker, whose playing was a major part of my enjoyment of Happy the Man's material, is dealing with some fairish serious health issues.

Much like my posts about Andrew Latimer (of which I hope there are many many more, with good news following good news)...if Stan's music has touched you in any way, consider taking a moment and doing whatever you do to send some positive energy his way.


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Anonymous said...


It was a real bummer to hear what you've been going through. I often think about the One by One days and hanging out at your apartment on Bellona. I particularly remember your generosity and hanging out playing Madden. Just wanted you to know I'm sending much love and and saying lots of prayers. I owe so much of my Baltimore musical rep( assuming I actually have one ...LOL) to a lot of the people I met or got to know better or who took me more seriously while playing with you and Dave.
I still remember how bowled over I was that you even asked me to join the band. I also wanted to say that I have good feeling about your recovery and you kicking this thing and have every since I got over the shock of the news.
Anyway Stan I would love to catch up sometime email me if you have time. It would be great I have a wife and 2 1/2 kids(new daughter due net month). Would love for you to meet them as well as meet Lee Anne. Take care my old friend. I miss hanging out and talking music and life with you. Please get hold of me when you have a minute. Peace and blessings to you .