03 April 2009

RoSFest - single band tickets to be made available

The long awaited anticipation is almost over and The Rites Of Spring Festival is ready to bring in the Spring with a blast of music. With a little over one month left to go before RoSfest we are sending out invitations to anyone who wants to attend the festival . We know the economy has taking its toll on many people and we know a festival can be a huge commitment for some. We want everyone and anyone who otherwise can not commit to an entire weekend to attend RoSfest in some capacity. RoSfest is creating a unique opportunity for anyone who can not commit to an entire weekend of music but might otherwise attend a single show. On April 3rd 2009 at 10 AM we are selling single concert tickets for the weekend. Tickets will be available at $25.00 each for the first 3 bands on Saturday and Sunday and $40.00 each for the two headliners. This pricing will not affect the Friday night showcase that price remains the same. Weekend passes will still be available as well as single day passes. Come on out and support RoSfest and bring on the Spring.

Tickets will be available 04/03/09 at 10 AM EST through the Keswick - box office at 215-572-7650

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