03 April 2009

Nektar announce new album release - Fortyfied

Nektar announces the release of a new double live album to celebrate 40 years of Nektar music. Track listing is scheduled to be as follows:

Disc 1:
Tab in the ocean..14mn 39s

Cryin’ in the dark..5mn 46s

King of twilight..4mn 18s

Dream nebula Pt 1..4mn 33s

Desolation valley..5mn 18s

Waves..3mn 11s

Remember the future Pt 2..18mn 48s

Doctor kool..10mn 11s

King of the deep..9mn 8s

Disc 2:

Where are you now.. 9mn 41s

Day in the life of a preacher..5mn 26s

Mr H..9mn 17s

Recycled Pt 1..17mn 29s

The debate..8mn 20s

Man in the moon..8mn 45s


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