01 September 2010

POLL #2 RESULTS: favourite 'Big Six' band

To say I was thrilled with the response to this poll would be the understatement of the year. I figured I’d be happy with 100 votes…to blow past 150 was insane beyond my wildest dreams. And it was close the whole way, too; while Crimson and Floyd pulled away quickly, it was neck and neck for them the entire run of the poll, with neither group getting more than 1 or 2 votes ahead at any point.

Thanks to everyone who took part…a new poll will be posted later this evening!

King Crimson 43 (25%)
Pink Floyd 42 (25%)

Genesis 29 (17%)

Yes 25 (15%)

Emerson Lake and Palmer 14 (8%)

Jethro Tull 13 (7%)

Total votes: 166


firefly said...

I was surprised to see Genesis go 4 up on Yes!

Anonymous said...

Yes is the only one of these bands currently touring, as far as I've seen - that says a lot for them!
And they have been around in various forms for 42 years, but Jon will tell you 43 years, yes of course Jon!
Get well soon Jon!