31 January 2008

A few small bits of prog news

Dutch band Knight Area replaces Magenta at FMPM in Montreal. At the same time, "Knight Area currently is a 5 piece band. Rinie Huigen - one of the guitarists - has left the band and I (the one who started the whole thing) has left too, but started a new project Brandaris '78. I'm still doing some promotion and web maintenance for the band (my brother is in it you know...)," according to founder Joop Klazinga.

As has been discussed ad nauseum in a load of places,
The Flower Kings have stepped down from their headlining spot at this year's ROSfest. They have been replaced by Maryland art rockers Crack the Sky, featuring original members John Palumbo, Joey D'Amico and Joe Macre.

Porcupine Tree has announced the release of a new live EP recorded in Orlando FL at a record shop in-store. Titled We Lost the Skyline, the EP features founder Steven Wilson and touring guitarist/vocalist John Wesley on 8 songs performed acoustically, including several rarely or never played. A highlight for this writer is a performance of the opening vocal section of "The Sky Moves Sideways," the lyrical source for this release's title.

The EP can be ordered HERE. US residents may be better served ordering from HERE
in order to save on shipping costs (thanks to FZDolfan for reminding me about this link/site...it's the actual store the performance was recorded at).


Mark said...

USA fans would be better served ordering the PTree EP at http://www.parkavecds.com (the place it was recorded), as it comes with a free poster and the total price with shipping is slightly less. :-)

Bill K. said...

I was looking for that link, and couldn't find it. Thanks for posting it here...I'll make an edit shortly.

Adam said...

Nice call on the parkavecds thing, will have to order it there. Otherwise, I'd likely not at all.

And Knight Area instead of Magenta? Yawn. Honestly don't care much about either one of them, but Magenta would have been much less offensive and worn slightly less pleather.

Speaking of prog from Quebec, have you ever heard the Sloche albums?

Bill K. said...

Sadly no, I am not conversant with Sloche, but the name sounds awfully familiar.

Adam said...

Sloche has been getting a lot of spin for me this week. Did only two albums, back in IIRC 75-76. Never had a legit CD release, but I got my hands on a decent vinyl rip. Fusiony symphonic with some slight Yes/GG-esque bits, but distinctly funky in that Quebecois way, really killer stuff. I know you feel iffy at best about trading official material, even long OOP, but would be happy to hook you up if you're at all inclined.